Ganesha Technology Consulting offers a suite of comprehensive Proactive Maintenance packages designed to proactively maintain your systems and help your business operate at peak efficiency.

With the traditional break-fix method of maintaining a network, you wait for something to fail and then you call someone to fix it. Often you wait several hours for a technician to become available, and as soon as they leave their office the clock starts ticking. How much is it going to cost this time?

With our Proactive Maintenance plans, your systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A technician is automatically alerted if a there is a problem so they can begin working on it right away. Along with automated alerts, our technicians regularly audit the logs of your systems for unusual entries and address them immediately. Potential issues are often discovered and resolved before they turn into real problems that affect your productivity. All these services and more are provided for a flat monthly fee.

Antivirus licensing can be expensive and bothersome to manage on your own. Adding and removing computers over time can confuse the issue of how many licenses you have versus how many are installed. Are you in compliance? Have you wasted money on too many licenses? There's no need to worry with Proactive Maintenance. Enterprise-class antivirus is included at no additional cost for every computer covered under all of our plans.

Remote Access
The same technology that allows us to quickly provide robust remote support can allow your on-the-go employees to connect in to their office computer and work from anywhere in the world. This service is available at no additional charge, and can be activated for any of your employees at your request.

Already have in-house staff?
Proactive Maintenance isn't just for those without their own IT staff. Our Silver packages offer all of our monitoring, alerting and management tools to your in-house IT staff at a greatly reduced rate. These tools allow your staff to be more aware of the state of your systems, making unplanned outages a thing of the past. Should your staff go on vacation or need a little extra help during the busy times, our technicians are available at a discounted hourly rate.

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